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Eroica Fan Fiction Archive


This is an archive of fan fiction, artwork, and references based on the manga From Eroica With Love by Yasuko Aoike. Please see the Rules for Inclusion in the Archive for more details about archive content.

If you are an author, or have permission from the author to archive, you may upload a file to the archive at any time by going to the Add Archive Entry page. If you are a reader and know of a story somewhere on the web which you would like to see listed in the archive, you can upload a link to that story. The archive search engine will search for both linked and uploaded stories.

I will be adding links in the archive to all the Eroica fanfic I can find on the web, but this will be a lengthy process. Anyone who wishes to add links to their own favorite stories is therefore encouraged to do so -- it will get the archive populated faster.

Navigating this archive is fairly simple. The links at left will give you access to the following pages:

  • Fanfic Archive: This top page.

  • Archive Index: A page of links to archive entries based on submission date, author, or title. Use this page if you want to see the latest additions to the archive, or if you're just browsing around.

  • Search Archive: The interface to the archive's search engine, which allows feature-based searches. Use this if you're looking for specific types of story, or if you wish to exclude stories with certain features.

  • Random Archive Entry: Simply brings up a randomly-selected entry in the archive, which may be an archived story or a link to material elsewhere on the web.

  • Add Archive Entry: This is where you go to add an entry to the archive.

  • Contact Archivist: A page which allows you to send email to the archive manager. Please use this if you have problems using the archive or questions about it.